The Ideal Pergolas for Homes in Woodstown, NJ

Pergolas Woodstown NJHomeowners in Woodstown, New Jersey, can confidently turn to SRA Home Products for pergola installations. We’re a family-owned and -operated company that’s been serving customers since 1988, and we proudly install pergolas from top-name manufacturer TEMO. While pergolas typically feature flat louvers, our pergolas are constructed with curved louvers for added shade and ultraviolet protection. And, because they’re built using heavy-duty, fully extruded aluminum, they’re exceptionally strong and will stand up to rotting, deterioration, and insect infestation.

Which of Our Pergolas Is Right for Your Home?

At SRA Home Products, we understand that our customers have varying needs and preferences, which is why we’ve made it a point to carry a wide selection of pergola styles. Choose from:

  • Attached pergolas, which connect directly to the side of your home
  • Freestanding pergolas, which can be installed separately from your home
  • Garden arbors, which are designed with open beams to encourage the growth of climbing vines

We also offer operable pergolas, which are perfect for homeowners desiring the style of a pergola with the protection of a patio cover. These pergolas feature a slow-motion motor that allows them to transition from open louvers to a solid roof. So, on days when it’s raining or the sun is just too hot to endure, push a button and enjoy the protection of a closed roof. Then, when the weather clears up, push the button again to return to the Mediterranean-inspired look of a traditional pergola.

Find Out More

If you’d like to know more about the pergolas we have available for Woodstown, NJ, homeowners, contact SRA Home Products today.