What’s the Difference Between a Screen Room & a Sunroom?

What's the Difference Between a Screen Room and a Sunroom Wilmington DEIf you’re looking to add additional living space to your home, you may be debating between a screen room and a sunroom. Both options will provide your family with a new spot to relax and spend time together, but what’s the difference between them? It all comes down to the level of insulation the windows provide. Screen rooms feature mesh panels, while sunrooms come with glass window panes.

Which Option Is Right for Your Home?

Screen rooms and sunrooms each offer their own set of benefits. Many homeowners opt to have a screen room installed because they enjoy the refreshing feeling of a cool breeze wafting past, but are seeking to avoid mosquitoes, flies, and other outdoor pests. However, if you’re looking for a structure that offers additional protection from the elements, and one that you’ll likely be able to use throughout more of the year, a sunroom may be a better option.

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