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Giving Back: Supporting the Historic East Point Lighthouse with Our Roofing Services

SRA Home Products is pleased to be a locally owned company supporting homeowners throughout the New Jersey area. Being able to support our local communities is something we take pride in, and we recently had the opportunity to give back with a special roofing project for the historic East Point Lighthouse.

About the East Point Lighthouse

This historic building has been an active lighthouse since 1849 and continues to serve as a guide point at the mouth of the Maurice River to this day. Visitors are welcome at the lighthouse year-round, along with the cottage that serves as an office and gift shop for the building.  Recently, Nancy Patterson, who oversees operations for the lighthouse, found the cottage was leaking and in need of a new roof. And that’s when SRA Home Products jumped into action.

Providing a Roof for the Lighthouse Cottage

When SRA Home Products learned that the East Point Lighthouse was seeking donations to raise funds for the new roof, our CEO Michael Foti saw it as the perfect opportunity to give back. Our team was able to donate time and materials to install a new roof for the cottage to support the historical site.

Being able to support people like Nancy Patterson who work so hard and contribute so much to our community is a big part of why we do what we do. We take pride in every project we complete and are proud to be able to do our part.

You can learn more about the East Point Lighthouse project and our role in providing a new roof for the cottage here. Or, if you’re in need of roof replacement services for your home, we’d be honored to serve as your roofing company as well.

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